About the Polkadot Door

Founded in 2010, the Polkadot Door is the collaboration of sisters Sarah Michelle and Rebecca Lynn to share their crafting (and sometimes other) creations with fellow scrapbookers and cardmakers from around the world. What began as a small, 1 follower blog has grown into something much bigger than either anticipated. The Polkadot Door has gone from a place to post a few pictures, to a place of inspiration and connecting for crafters of all ages. There are many exciting changes ahead for the Polkadot Door and team, this is only the beginning.

Sarah Michelle

You can view her resume and accomplishments by clicking on the link (here).

"Wife of 1. Mom of 4. Sister of many. Night owl. Pizza fanatic. Thrift Shopping addict and neat freak. Lover of old books, country music and fractured fairy tale films. Obsessed with scrapbooking, collecting scrapbooking stuff and organizing my scrapbooking supplies."

You can contact Sarah at polkadotdoordesigns@gmail.com

 Rebecca Lynn 

You can view her resume and accomplishments by clicking on the link (here).

"Wife, sister, daughter, auntie, and partner in crime. Night owl, chocolate fanatic, and occasionally compulsively creative. Eager to learn, excessively curious, and ready to find. Lover of all things vintage, pretty packaging, and handmade embellishments. "

You can contact Rebecca at rebeccadenhollander@gmail.com